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Three Games in One


More than a game, DISTANT SEAS is really a game system into which you can plug various historical scenarios.  Three separate and historically accurate games are included with DISTANT SEAS, covering the three eras of sail, steam, and contemporary shipping.

  1. Contemporary Game, which covers merchant shipping in the world today, this is the game with which you begin play.
  2. Steamship Game, which is set about the year 1910, when steamships were dominant in merchant shipping.
  3. Sail Game, which is set about the year 1860, when sailing ships ruled the seas.

The game is played on a heavy-duty, fold-out eight-color nautical map of the world that accurately depicts the oceans, seas, seaports, and other features of the world.  The map also accurately depicts the prevailing wind currents on the oceans of the world, which are closely followed when shipping in the sail era is being played.
Basic Concept of the Game
The basic idea of the game is to transport cargoes from one seaport to another, earning points with each successfully delivered cargo.  Points earned can be used to buy more ships.  A player begins the game with one ship and can build up a fleet of up to nine ships.  The player that has the most points at the end of the game wins.
Shipping activities are affected by storms, collisions, and other occurrences at sea, as well as by unpredictable business factors in other lands, all of which add to realism.
Exciting Optional Rules
Play can be enhanced by the optional bidding rules, in which players bid for cargoes among themselves, adding considerably to the competitive spirit of the game.
“All of a sudden there were lots of ships, and too few cargos, which is where the Bidding Rule started to come in for heavy play.  (Bidding is actually an Optional Rule; ignore the option and use it.  It is the heart of the game.)”


  • 1 Full Color 25 x 39 Map sheet;
  • 80 die-cut Ship Counters;
  • 168 Cargo Manifests;
  • 120 Ballast and Bullion Cards;
  • 24 Fortune Cards;
  • 20 Fortune/Bid Markers;
  • 2 dice; and
  • Rules Booklet

Home | Educational and Fascinating | Reviews of Distant Seas | Three Games In One!

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