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Reviews of Distant Seas

“Distant Seas feels somewhat similar to Monopoly and is as enjoyable.”

  • Fire & Movement

“Far more interactive and fun- than the glut of RR games around.”ť

“The basic game is a delightful game….We like Distant Seas and recommend it highly.”

  • The Three Trolls

“Command fleets of modern tankers and supply ships, in today’s world, or in the era of the great age of steamships or sail the magnificent China clippers of the 1860s.  Sail your ships throughout the world moving cargo from exotic ports of Africa and India to the Far East or South America.  The game accurately simulates the great ages of the Merchant Marine, and yet remains very playable.  The game is elegantly designed and finely crafted.”  -- The Three Trolls

“Distant Seas is virtually three games for the price of one.  In each of three eras of shipping (sail, steam and contemporary), up to four players compete in transporting supplies around the world in a quest to accumulate a Merchant Marine empire.  Each game scenario is fast-paced, suitable for all the family, and can be completed in two to three hours. This a great Sunday brunch game for friends and family.”   -- Fire & Movement

All of a sudden there were lots of ships, and too few cargos, which is where the Bidding Rule started to come in for heavy play.  (Bidding is actually an Optional Rule; ignore the option and use it.  It is the heart of the game.)

By the middle of the game, with all four of us trading in ships, trying to build tankers (great oil cargoes were to be had) and screaming every time a typhoon sank our ship outside of Yokohama, we knew we had found a fun game.

Graphic Presentation:  Sturdy and acceptable.

Playability:  Good.  Games run about 3 hours.

Replayability:  High.

Creativity:  More subtle than one initially thinks.

                        Overall:  Good, vicious fun.

Home | Educational and Fascinating | Reviews of Distant Seas | Three Games In One!

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